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As our business's based in Melbourne, we currently have a genuine relationships with all clients in order to provide great result. We know that it can be a daunting in finding a painting company that delivers a professional service, quality and excellent service at every opportunity. Here at Arek's Painting & Decorating we pride ourselves on customer service and high quality in Melbourne.

At Arek Melbourne's Painting and Decorating we always assist and provide suggestions to each customerin regards to their painting project. We discuss colour themes, lighting angles and overall quality changes. All our painters are qualified painters with a bright background of experience in painting projects. Our main objective is to provide a service that puts our client’s convenience first, seeing elated clients makes us proud of our work.


Exterior Painting
Arek Painting & Decorating offers exterior revitalisations and painting services that are second to none. Our exterior painting team knows the importance of customer satisfaction and excel at outdoor painting, deck staining, window reconstructions and more. We can finish all your exterior painting tasks with precision, dependability and flawlessness all tied up with minimum distraction and no mess whatsoever.

All our exterior related projects are polishded to project beauty, vibrancy and charm to your home. Preparation is the key at what we do and we treat it with care. We understand the customer’s desires, that's why Arek Painting & Decorating goes above the competition in Melbourne.

Interior Painting

Interior painting is one of the most personal painting among all of the others. Here at Arek's Painting Melboune we understand all of your needs.  We know how important it is to select the appropriate colour combinations for interior of your home. We give careful attention to every surface, corners and narrow areas, demonstrating our broad knowledge and experience. Our dedicated team of painters will ensure you get what you are want to achieve.

Interior projects needs careful planning, sheltering the furniture, masking all surfaces adjacent to the working area and including all the safety measures prior to any painting. We take great pride and responsibility in going the extra mile in protecting your belongings, treating your interior with extra affection. Arek Painters & Decorators will clean and pack up equipment that has been used leaving your interior clean and tidy.

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We're the best at Painting and Decorating - especially in Melbourne.

"... We are very pleased with the results, and would certainly use Arek again."

Lee Jones

"We highly recommend Arek and his team. Not only were they best on price they completed the project on time..."

Dave and Hazel

"... Best of all Arek Painting and Decorating is always competitively priced."


"... We trust Arek implicitly. Why go elsewhere when you know you will get such an excellent service every time."

Alice Jack

"... always been, without fail, punctual, polite and utterly professional. I value their service, and recommend them highly.”


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