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Walls are everywhere, clean, dirty, coloured - so many of them. They stay in front of us, providing order and direction, function and privacy, foundation and structure. And yet, we often take them for granted; failing to appreciate the influence they have on our moods. We tend to forget that, as human beings, we are naturally receptive to the immediate environment we live in.
Arek Painting & Decorating is here to remind you that adding an extra structure and detail to your walls, with either subtle textures or bold patterns, will transform your space and create a positive ambience, tailored to suit your personality. We will help you to choose one, put it on the wall like it was made for your walls from the very beginning.

We care about wallpapering as about everything we do. That's why we can assure you with the highest quality.

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We're the best at Painting and Decorating - especially in Melbourne.

"... We are very pleased with the results, and would certainly use Arek again."

Lee Jones

"We highly recommend Arek and his team. Not only were they best on price they completed the project on time..."

Dave and Hazel

"... Best of all Arek Painting and Decorating is always competitively priced."


"... We trust Arek implicitly. Why go elsewhere when you know you will get such an excellent service every time."

Alice Jack

"... always been, without fail, punctual, polite and utterly professional. I value their service, and recommend them highly.”


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