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<p><strong>Painting</strong> Melbourne</p>

Painting Melbourne

A world of color surrounds you. Consider so many ideas to transform your home with color so it becomes the perfect reflection of you. It's the perfect way to make your home looks like brand new. With Arek's Services you will be sure that it will be perect in every inch.

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<p><strong>Decorating</strong> Melbourne</p>

Decorating Melbourne

Eager for something new in your home? It doesn't have to be big to make it look just the way you want it. We at Arek's will make it as you want in every part of it so you will be proud to live in such a space.

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<p><strong>Renovation</strong> Melbourne</p>

Renovation Melbourne

Broken, damaged, or outdated structure? Either commercial or residential - we can make it as good or even better than new. Let's bring back to life this property of yours. We pride ourselves in renovations, but don't just belive in our words - check our portfolio to inspire yourself.

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<p><strong>Wallpaper</strong> Melbourne</p>

Wallpaper Melbourne

Decorating your home with wallpaper is an exciting way to achieve a wide array of looks: from the charm of country to the drama of contemporary to the warmth of traditional. Here at Arek's Painting & Decorating we will make sure it's perfect.

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Welcome to Arek Painting & Decorating

The company was established first in Edinburgh,Scotland in 2004, and in 2013 has expanded to Melbourne. Arek Painting & Decorating employ a team of highly skilled, experienced and reliable painters and decorators capable of dealing with all aspects of interior and exterior, domestic and commercial decorating - and all at affordable prices.

Arek provide the highest levels of service, offering professional workmanship coupled with real care and attention to every detail. Our aim is simple, to always complete on budget, on time, with the minimum inconvenience to our clients.

We understand that decorating can be disruptive to your home or business premises. Our hard working team always clean and tidy up as they go. We work when you want us to, offering a service on any day of the week, ensuring that your redecorating can be done when it is most convenient to you. All of our work is insured and guaranteed. We provide free, competitive, no-obligation quotes for both large and small projects. Call us today!

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 Victorian House
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"... We are very pleased with the results, and would certainly use Arek again."

Lee Jones

"We highly recommend Arek and his team. Not only were they best on price they completed the project on time..."

Dave and Hazel

"... Best of all Arek Painting and Decorating is always competitively priced."


"... We trust Arek implicitly. Why go elsewhere when you know you will get such an excellent service every time."

Alice Jack

"... always been, without fail, punctual, polite and utterly professional. I value their service, and recommend them highly.”


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